Must see

Some really good posts, which I consider more interesting will be presented below. I hope you’ll find them interesting.

Generalized Poincare Inequality
Existence Result for the Isoperimetric Problems
Miklos Schweitzer 2011 Problems
Shape Optimization Course – Day 2
Shape Optimization Course – Day 1
Modica-Mortola Theorem
Uniqueness and Error estimates via Kinetic Entropy Defect Measure
Miklos Schweitzer 2011 Problems
Separable Spaces
Orthogonal matrices form a manifold
Existence of a triangle with prescribed angle bisector lengths
Geometric Transformation Solutions
Cauchy problem with two solution has an infinity of solutions
Cool Coloring of \Bbb{R}\times \Bbb{R}
Harmonic functions in the plane vanishing on some halflines
Matrix power of any order must be identity
Shortest path on a sphere
Proof of Van der Waerden’s Theorem
A non-polynomial continuous function on a compact is a uniform limit of polynomials, whose degrees must converge to \infty
Infinite cardinal numbers operations. See also the Article page for pdf versions.
Isoperimetric inequality
Proof of Euler polyhedral formula
Bertrand’s Postulate
Interesting characterization of a polynomial
Sierpinski’s Theorem

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